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How it Works

Safe Worker: How it works

Empower your workers with the most advanced safety technology

AI-powered, feature-rich safety ecosystem

Safe Worker is an AI-powered safety ecosystem that streamlines worker safety protocols and compliance. It combines automated tasks, AI, computer vision, and smart data integrations to simplify process flows and avoid safety incidents. Lone workers, crew members, and crew managers use an intuitive mobile app to verify, validate and approve critical safety protocols with ease. Business leaders access custom dashboards, graphs, and reports to gain actionable insights into real-time and historical data, companywide.

Platform highlights

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Simplify user access with one set of credentials across the platform. Supports OAuth and SAML.

Multi-Tenant architecture

Efficient architecture allows multiple organizations to utilize same powerful cloud-based backend.

Open API

RESTful APIs enables easy integration with existing enterprise tools and datastores. Go to Developer Portal

Configurable Platform

Highly configurable platform lets enterprises customize safety forms, workflows, dashboards and more.

AI highlights

Powerful Base Model

Base AI models are trained on proprietary and quality data coming from Ericsson’s field workforce.

Adapting AI Models

Once deployed for an enterprise, the AI models fine-tune themselves based on data inputs.

Self-Learning AI

Learns approval and rejection tendencies based on manual workflow using AI models.

Safe Worker Benefits

  • Reduction in human error
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved OH&S compliance
  • Live vital tracking
  • Time-saving emergency routing
  • Fewer safety stand downs
  • Faster remote approvals
  • Predictive risk warnings
  • Continuous improvements
  • Safer workplace
Safe Worker Benefits
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